Verifone Terminal Issue

Reboot Solution

Verifone terminals are currently experiencing technical issues. Devices are stuck in a continuous reboot loop and are unable to process.

Use the terminal-specific instructions to manually adjust settings, returning an affected terminal to the idle prompt and to service. Then to prevent the issue from happening again, follow the Estate Management Application (EMA) download step-by-step procedures.

*If the device is NOT continually rebooting now, use ONLY the EMA Download procedures to update the application and prevent the reboot issue from recurring in the future.

Below are “How to” Videos to further assist. We have also posted step by step instructions to process these updates.

Video for Step 1- to Clear Reboot.

*IMPORTANT NOTE- If F2 and F4 does not work try Enter and 7- Hold both keys down at the same time/continuously until the screen prompts for a password.

Video for Step 2 - to complete EMA Download.